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I’m a wordsmith. I can remember my 9th grade career day when the Editor from the local paper talked about writing for people. While I eventually went on to work for her and other newspapers, the idea of writing for people never left me. Here I am 20+ years later, having battled some heavy seas along the way, and I’m still talking to people, no matter if your audience is your local community, your state or even a very customized audience.

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brenda porter-rockwell
Brenda Porter-Rockwell

Ashwagandha Ingredient

The Growth of Ashwagandha

Trying to juggle the demands of an always-on life can be the trigger for a stressful life.¬† Or maybe it’s a one-time event that leads to a very emotional reaction. However, stress finds its way into daily lives, the question is how to deal? The answer, more often than not,¬† is to skip the scripts and take the natural approach with ashwagandha root. Here’s why manufacturers should be including¬†ashwagandha in their finished products.

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